Eco-Volt Sine Wave Inverter UPS 1500VA

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The Eco Volt 1500VA pure sine wave inverter/UPS incorporates smart features to provide consumers with excellent value and efficiency.

Features :
Adaptive Battery Charging Control technology increases battery life and reduces electricity consumption.
Supports different battery types, e.g. Flat Plate, Tubular and VRLA (SMF)
The Eco Volt can charge the batteries even when the supply voltage is low, right down to 120V.
Battery electrolyte level indicator 

Options :

  • Inverter UPS only (No batteries or battery cabinet). Source your own 12V deep cycle batteries. Requires 2 x 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle batteries in series.
  • Inverter UPS with battery cabinet and 2 x 100Ah Deep Cycle Batteries - Expected backup time 120-180 minutes.

Expected backup times are calculated using a standard desktop PC & LCD monitor with fully-charged new batteries and are subject to change based on load, battery age and state of charge.