HDMI to DVB-T Modulator

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You can watch DSTV, OVHD or any other HD source in full HD on multiple screens in your home. Convert HDMI signal to digital (DVB-T) signal to be received on any TV with a DVB-T/2 tuner.


  • DVB-T standard Compliant
  • 3-Processor System W/Host: CPU: 200MHz 32Bits RISC/Security Processor: 200MHz 32Bits/ Audio Processor: 200MHz 32Bits
  • High Video Resolution (up to 1080P@30FPS)
  • Symbol rate up to 31.668MBPS
  • Fast USB upgrade (less than 15s, depending on file size)
  • CONFIG DATA function (USB extract, Upload to Modulator)
  • Frequency Range: VHF Band III - 174~233MHZ, UHF - 470~858MHZ (or 470~790 ΜΗΖ with LTE Filter ΟΝ)
  • M.E.R. more than 35dB
  • 4G - LTE (Long Term Evolution) Filtering switch ON-OFF
  • Modern OLED display 128X32 dots
  • Slim housing (164x106x41 mm)
  • Low power consumption