HDMI to DVB-T Modulator

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You can distribute HD content from your satellite receiver, DVD player or media player to multiple screens in your home. Convert HDMI signal to digital (DVB-T) signal to be received on any TV with a DVB-T/2 tuner.

Digital single-channel FULL HIGH DEFINITION modulator. HDMI signal input from any HDMI source (Terrestrial & Satellite TV receivers, cameras, DVD's, DVR's, etc) is converted to FULL HIGH DEFINITION 1080p, Digital Terrestrial DVB-T signal output, in VHF/UHF band. Produces excellent quality signal output, combined with reliable functionality and stable operation, under all configurations. It features ALL-BAND RF-LOOP signal input plus ON/OFF switch for filtering 4G-LTE frequencies! With USB port for fast firmware update and CONFIG DATA. 

Technical Features:

- Digital HDMI Modulator single-channel DVB-T VHF/UHF
- INPUT signal: HDMI
- OUTPUT signal: FULL HIGH DEFINITION 1080p, Digital Terrestrial DVB-T signal, MPEG4.
- FULL HIGH DEFINITION resolution (1080i, up to 1080p@30FPS)
- Frequency Range: 174~233MHZ(VHF III), 470 - 858 (470-790 with LTE-ON), MHz (UHF)
- RF Output Level: Factory default 90 dbμV, up to +6dbμV (in +2dbμV steps) or down to -14dbμV (in -2dbμV steps)
- All-Band RF LOOP input: 50MHZ~2400MHZ.
- Embedded 4G-LTE filter, with ON-OFF switch.
- M.E.R. more than 35 db.
- Symbol rate up to 31.668 Mbps.
- Fast USB stick upgrade (even less than 15 seconds, depending on file).
- CONFIG DATA function (USB extract, easy upload to Modulator)
- 3-Processor System W/Host: CPU: 200MHz 32Bits RISC/ Security Processor: 200MHz 32Bits/Audio processor:200MHz 32Bits.
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9 wide screen, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan scan,support AFD(DTG, MingDTG).
- Display: 128x32 dots OLED Display (IIC or SPI communication protocol) LED Indicator
- Power supply unit type: Adapter Input:100~240V AC,Output:DC 12V/2.0A
- Power consumption in normal working mode: < 10W
- Dimensions: 164x106x41 mm.
- Colour: Black
- Warranty: One year.