Safe Power Solar Home Lamp System

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Safe Power Solar Home Lamp System is a complete lighting and emergency DC power kit for regular home use, emergency lighting, camping and many other applications. The kit consists of a controller containing the battery and electronics, two LED lamps, mobile phone charger, solar PV panel, stand for solar panel & accessories. The innovative, cost effective & energy efficient LED based design of this product provides light output equivalent to a 14W CFL from each lamp. This equipment can provide light output and power backup for up to 120 hrs depending on the load. It has multiple light intensity options, night lamp mode and individual intensity control for each lamp. Lamps and mobile charging points can be used simultaneously. The system includes built-in battery protection circuits to avoid damage to the battery from over-charging or deep discharge.

Rural home electrification
Night school in rural areas
Small shops and industrial shelters
Tool sheds and storage barns
Emergency power requirement
For outdoor portable use

Long backup time - up to 120 hrs for LED lamp.
Built-in front LED reading lamp.
Constant light output over entire battery backup range.
Light output from single lamp is equivalent to 14W CFL.
Four-step light intensity control for each Lamp.
Can power 12V DC fan, DC TV or DC lamps (not included).
Lamps, fan, TV and mobile charging points can be used together
Option to connect external battery (20Ah-200Ah) for very long backup
Includes battery deep discharge, overcharge and short circuit protection