SOHO Backup Power Inverter 1200/2400VA

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SOHO Modified Sine Wave Inverter/UPS will automatically switch over to battery backup when mains power fails. Ideal for home entertainment, computers and related electronic equipment.

Available in the following configurations:

  • 1200VA/720W UPS/Inverter Only (No Battery or battery cabinet)
  • 1200VA/720W UPS/Inverter Kit with 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery & Battery Cabinet
  • 2400VA/1440W UPS/Inverter Only (No Batteries or battery cabinet)
  • 2400VA/1440W UPS/Inverter Kit with 2 x 100Ah Deep Cycle Batteries & Battery Cabinet

Built in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) switches to battery backup when power fails.
Built in intelligent battery charger with 3 step charging algorithm
Overload & short-circuit protection, battery reverse polarity protection and deep discharge protection.


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