Zelio Sine Wave Inverter UPS 900VA

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The Zelio 900VA pure sine wave inverter/UPS incorporates hi-tech design and some smart features to provide consumers with excellent value and efficiency.

Features :
Input mains protection circuit breaker
Supports different battery types, e.g. Flat Plate, Tubular and VRLA (SMF)
Intelligent back-up and battery management system optimizes back-up time and enhances battery life.
32-bit DSP Processor
Battery electrolyte level indicator 

Options :

  • Inverter UPS only (No battery or battery cabinet). Source your own 12V deep cycle battery.
  • Inverter UPS with battery cabinet and 40Ah Deep Cycle Battery - Expected backup time 90-120 minutes.
  • Inverter UPS with battery cabinet and 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery - Expected backup time 180-240 minutes.

Expected backup times are calculated using a standard desktop PC & LCD monitor with fully-charged new batteries and are subject to change based on load, battery age and state of charge.