Helmet Size Guides

Use these helmet size guides to get the best fit when buying a motorbike helmet from us.  If you're not sure or have any questions, feel free to get in touch, we'd be very happy to help you out.
IMPORTANT: The size guides are only for reference. If you cannot try the helmet on before buying, be sure to consult our handy instructions for a proper fit.
HJC Helmet Size Guide
HJC Junior Full-Face HJC Junior Off-Road
Size  Head Measurement Size  Head Measurement
S 50-51cm S 49-50cm
M 52-53cm M 51-52cm
L 53-54cm
XL 55-56cm
 MT Helmet Size Guide
 MARS Helmet Size Guide  MARS Junior Off-Road Helmet
Size  Head Measurement Size  Head Measurement
S 55-56cm S 49-50cm
M 57-58cm M 51-52cm
L 59-60cm L 53-54cm
XL 61-62cm