Braai Master Reusable Braai Sheet

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South Africans love to braai!

Make your braai and the cleanup afterwards super easy with the Braai Master re-usable braai sheet.

The braai sheet is a high-tech, non-stick braai sheet that is dishwasher safe and easy to use. Ideal for braaing anything from sticky, marinated, notoriously fragile and delicate foods like fish and seafood to chops, wors and steak. Great for vegetables, sandwiches, pancakes, fruit and other desserts. All of this without losing the braai flavour or the grill marks. Simply place the non-stick braai sheet onto the grill and cook food on top of it.

Suitable for use on a gas grill or over the coals.

NOTE: Braai sheet should not be used over an open flame - wait for the fire to become coals before using.

Dimensions: 40cm x 50cm
Certified for temperatures up to 288°C
Complies with the FDA and European LGFB 

Wash once before use
Dishwasher safe
Store flat or roll it up using the ring supplied.

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