Line Interactive UPS Systems AP Series

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The AP Series Line Interactive UPS with Microprocessor Controller and built-in AVR provides reliable power protection and clean power for your electronic equipment. The Buck & Boost AVR function corrects either under-voltage or over-voltage conditions without unnecessary battery drain and extends the life of the battery. With a powerful built-in charger, the UPS can be fully charged back to 90% within 6-8 hours. The battery may be charged continuously even though it is in the OFF mode.


Line Interactive UPS Systems provide short duration backup power for your computer and related electronic equipment in the event of a power dip or power outage, allowing you to safely save your work and shut down your equipment. Ideal for PCs, Workstations, Terminals, SOHO, Servers, Industry Equipment, Modems, desktop printers, PABXs, etc.

Available in three sizes : 720VA, 960VA and 1200VA
Input/output Voltage: 230V/230V


Microprocessor Control
Output power factor: 0.6
LED Display
Built-in buck & boost AVR
Powerful DC charger – 90% within 6-8 hours
Battery recharge in “off” mode
Cold start
Wide input voltage range
Self-testing on UPS start-up
Smart Communication port
Intelligent Monitoring Software