Multiplugs With IEC Connector for UPS

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This is a handy range of multi-plugs which are ideal for use with UPS installations in your office or at home. Most backup solutions make use of IEC connectors, which makes it difficult to plug in small appliances and periferals such as smart phone chargers, VoIP phones, laptop or tablet chargers.

Available in the following configurations : 
MP01 - IEC Connector to 1 x 3-Pin 15A & 1 x Schuko Socket
MP02 - IEC Connector to 2 x 3-Pin 15A Sockets
MP04 - IEC Connector to 2 x 3-Pin 15A, 1 x Schuko & 1 x 2-Pin 5A Socket
MP04-4 - IEC Connector to 4 x 3-Pin 15A, 2 x Schuko & 2 x 2-Pin 5A Socket 
MP05 - IEC Connector to 5 x 3-Pin 15A, 2 x Schuko & 3 x 2-Pin 5A Sockets
MP10 - IEC Connector to 5 x 3-Pin 15A, 1 x Schuko & 4 x 2-Pin 5A Sockets


Here is an image of the connector that fits into the outlet socket of the UPS.