Intelligent 5-Cable SCR/dCSS/Legacy Multiswitch

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SCR/dCSS/Legacy Multiswitch for 5 cables, 16 User-bands and selectable Quattro/Wideband LNB mode.

Automatic selection of SCR/dCSS/Legacy mode
LNB Quattro/WideBand selection switch
Automatic Control Gain
Diagnostic/Status LED
Multi Powering Options
Power Protected by Self-Resetting Fuse

Range includes :
SWI50416    Cascade 5-cable, 4 output, 16 user-bands per port
SWI50616    Cascade 5-cable, 6 output, 16 user-bands per port
SWI50816    Cascade 5-cable, 8 output, 16 user-bands per port
User-bands conform to DSTV standard for South Africa.