Intelligent Battery Charger 1 Amp

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Intelligent 4-stage trickle charger suitable for 6 & 12V Normal Lead Acid, Sealed, Leisure or Gel Batteries between 2 and 65Ah. 

Automatic and Intelligent 4-Stage Charging Curve
The DFC150 is controlled by a 12-bit AD microprocessor with 4-stage charging characteristic for charging batteries in automobiles, motorcycles, snow mobiles, tractors, personal watercraft, boats, etc. A microprocessor senses the condition of the battery and controls the regulator to provide the right current and voltage to the battery (charging characteristic). This will optimise charging and give the longest life to battery.

LED display
The unit is built-in with LED display for showing charger status.

Temperature Compensation
A sensor will automatically adjust the charging voltage if the temperature deviates from – 20°C to +45°C. 

Voltage compensation
Special circuitry inside the unit will monitor the true input voltage to the battery and adjust the output voltage of the unit accordingly, to optimize charging efficiency.

Reverse-polarity protection
This unit offers reverse-polarity protection, the RED “REVERSE” LED will illuminate and the charging process will not start.