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BluSky Modified Sine Wave Inverter/UPS will automatically switch over to battery backup when mains power fails. Ideal for home entertainment, computers and related electronic equipment. Hybrid solar model available with built-in solar charge controller so users can add solar panels for extended backup and off-grid applications. (Solar panels not included)

Available in the following 6 configurations:

  • 1000VA/900W UPS Inverter only - no battery or battery cabinet.
  • 1000VA/900W UPS Inverter kit with 1 x 100Ah battery & battery cabinet.
  • 2000VA/1600W UPS Inverter only - no batteries or battery cabinet.
  • 2000VA/1600W UPS Inverter kit with 2 x 100Ah batteries & battery cabinet.
  • 2000VA/1600W Solar UPS Inverter only - no batteries or battery cabinet.
  • 2000VA/1600W Solar UPS Inverter kit with 2 x 100Ah batteries & battery cabinet.

Important : Kits are supplied with superior AGM batteries for long life. 

Features :

  • Built in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) switches to battery backup when power fails.
  • AGM Batteries
  • Built-in 3-Stage intelligent charging
  • Adjustable battery charge rate
  • DC cold start function
  • LCD display and buzzer alarms
  • High quality deep cycle batteries (Kit options)
  • Horizontal or vertical (wall) mount options.

Notes :
Product will be supplied in black. (Blue colour for display purposes only).
Not suitable for powering laser printers, photocopiers, flourescent lights or motors.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Due to the current high demand, the delivery lead time on this item can be up to 10 working days.