Backup Power Inverter UPS 600VA

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Modified Sinewave Power Inverter/UPS System - 300W/600VA 12VDC to 220VAC. 
Built in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) 
Equipped with 2-boost and 1-buck AVR for stabilizing output voltage.
Designed to allow a wide input voltage range from 140VAC to 300VAC.
Highly reliable AC output voltage.
Microprocessor controlled design for increased reliability.
System can be started on DC power.
Auto restart on AC utility power recovery.
Generator compatible.
High frequency design offers DC-AC efficiency in excess of 85%.
Ideal for home, office or warehouse. 

Available models with expected backup times : 

  • UPS Inverter only (No battery or battery cabinet). Source your own 12V deep cycle battery.
  • UPS Inverter Kit - Expected backup time 90-150 minutes. (Includes UPS, 1 x 100Ah battery & plastic battery box)

Expected backup times are calculated using a standard desktop PC & LCD monitor with fully-charged new batteries and are subject to change based on load, battery age and state of charge.

Not suitable for powering laser printers, photocopiers, flourescent lights or motors.