Zartek Licence-Free Two-Way Radio Set Rechargeable

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Zartek RX-8 Licence-Free 2-way radio set. Lightweight, reliable two-way radio for home use. Rechargeable Twin-Pack including two handsets, belt clips, 6 x NiMH AA batteries, USB power adaptor and twin charging cable.

Features :

  • Long Range - up to 5km outdoors (terrain dependant)
  • Battery life up to 50 hours with average use.
  • Supplied with 6 x AA NiMH Batteries (3 per handset)
  • VOX Voice Activation, 3 sensitivity levels
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Key Tone, Roger Beep and Keypad Lock
  • 10 Call Tones
  • Compact design
  • Light weight - only 150g with batteries
  • ICASA Approval
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Also available : Basic Twin-Pack including two handsets withe belt clips (no charger or batteries).