FIVE E2 Offroad Enduro Gloves Grey & Navy

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The gloves specifically designed for recreational and competitive Enduro. CE certified!

We proudly present the result of our collaboration with five-time Enduro World Champion Steve Holcombe, and 2019 E2 World Champion Loïc Larrieu, after many months in development: the E2, a glove designed specifically for Enduro, both recreational and competitive. It offers all the performance of a motocross glove, combined with a superior level of protection that’s essential in the great outdoors. This includes branches and rocks that can sometimes be tough on riders…because you’re not always protected by handguards, particularly if you take a spill. So, we’ve included just the amount of reinforcements and protection you need at strategic points, so you maintain total freedom of movement. This is what we’re talking about with the dual-shell ERGO PROTECH® in soft TPR, which’ll protect you from tree trunks or rocks, but is also nearly undetectable when you’re at the controls. We’ve really focused on ventilation, with mesh fabric on the inner half of the hand, while we’ve kept the tougher materials on the outer half that’s more exposed to all kinds of contact (with trees, thorns, rocks, etc.). And since Enduro means you spend long hours at the controls, navigational contact has to be comfortable. The E2 is thus equipped with a palm in AX Suede® Novobuck™, a material that provides excellent grip and is both durable and comfortable, along with 2 mm foam rubber pads on the palms and 3 mm on the thumbs. You get the picture: with the E2, FIVE offers an Enduro-specific glove that’s bound to set the standard…

  • Topside: Mixed construction, with ventilated mesh on the inner side/extra-tough 4-way-stretch polyester on the outside / Palm: AX Suede® Novobuck™ / hypothenar and control contact-point reinforcement in synthetic leather / 2 mm foam rubber reinforcements on the palms / 3 mm foam rubber pads on the thumbs
  • Dual ERGO PROTECH® protective shells in soft TPR, virtually undetectable
    Mini-protective shells in TPR on the fingers + 3 mm foam rubber reinforcements on the ring and little fingers
  • 5 TPR Sonic heat-sealed protective logo
  • FIVE ErgoFit construction for optimal fit and freedom of movement
  • Synthetic leather reinforcement on the edge of the hand, up to the radius
  • Silicone print on the inside of the fingers for optimal grip
  • Clear Vision Pad™ visor cleaning system on the left-hand side
  • Touch Screen™ system (index finger) for handling electronic devices
  • Adjustable tab closure integrated into the mesh and Velcro® fabric structure of the glove

Size Guide:
Measure from the inside of your thumb straight across your palm to the other end of your hand below your pinky finger. Do not include your thumb knuckle.

XS = 07cm
S = 08cm
M = 09cm
L = 10cm
XL = 11cm
2XL = 12cm
3XL = 13cm