Iron Reign Universal Ballistic Vest with Molle

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Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Iron Reign Universal Ballistic Vest with Molle (Bulletproof Vest) can accommodate both flexible and/or hard body armour with Level II, IIIA or III protection, depending on the risk profile or level of protection required.

Made from hard-wearing fabric with extra-strength stitching, this vest includes an extraction strap. Foam pads can be inserted in the shoulders for extra comfort (not included).

Ballistic vests available without armour or with Level IIIA or III armour as described below. Ballistic armour plate size - 10 x 12 Inch.

Level IIIA armour panels are designed to be extremely lightweight and flexible. The panels offer excellent protection against 9x19mm, .357 & .44 magnum handgun rounds. The Level IIIA body armour consists of Genesis composite plates front and back.

Level III hard armour plates offer excellent protection against 9x19mm, .357 & .44 magnum handguns,  7.62x39mm FMJ (AK47), 7.62x51mm FMJ NATO and 5.56x45mm SS109 (R5) rounds. The Level III body armour utilizes Genesis superior anti-spawling technology encapsulated steel plates front and back.

Standard stock colour : Black 
Standard sizes available :  S/M/L, L/XL/2XL or 2XL/3XL/4XL
(Alternative colours, sizes, configurations and branding available on request. Minimum quantities and additional charges may apply).

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