Live Streaming DSP Microphone

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The Hybrid LSM-1 Live Streaming Microphone is excellent for live streaming over mobile or desktop PC/laptop. Whether you're doing a live stream, recording content or doing a podcast, the built-in Digital Sound Processor will make you sound great.

Features :
Colour LCD Screen allows you to save and recall your favourite settings.
Adjustable Pitch setting can shift your voice over a full two octaves (one up or one down).
Noise Gate helps to reduce background noise and provide clear audio signals wherever you are.
Adjust the Reverb and Echo Effects to sound like you're in a fireside chat or an open auditorium.
Five built-in EQ Presets or use the Pro-Mode adjustable EQ.
The built-in Sound Card allows you to connect directly to your PC via USB to record your audio straight to your favourite software.
If you prefer to use active speakers instead of headphones, you will love the built-in Feedback Suppression on this unit.