MEDMASK Pro Facial Mask

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MEDMASK Pro facial masks offer re-usable, comfortable protection against the spread of viruses. The outer layer is made from a soft, comfortable poly-cotton fabric, while the inner layer covering the nose and mouth is constructed with the revolutionary X-STATIC® fabric. X-STATIC® is made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of the fiber. It uses the power of silver to deliver performance-enhancing benefits to healthcare fabrics without affecting comfort or wearability - the fabrics remain soft and flexible.

Medmask D15 Face Mask Filter

A filter pocket is built between the two layers, allowing for the insertion of a replaceable Medmask D15 non-woven filter element. Each Medmask Plus comes pre-packaged with one filter. The D15 filter is designed to capture 95% of all droplets of size 5 microns or larger. The D15 filter is designed to be sterilized up to 5 times before being replaced. Additional packs of 10 filters are available to order.

The ties and edging are made from a flexible polyester binding, designed for maximum comfort and a snug fit. Available in two sizes for adults and children.

Colour : Blue