Mi Earbuds Basic Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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Mi Earbuds basic Wireless Bluetooth Earphones combine comfort, creativity and technology into one package.
The storage box is also a charging case.
Battery life up to 4 hours without charging and up to 12 hours when recharging in the charging case.
Lightweight and comfortable.
Comes with three different size earplugs for maximum comfort - small, medium & large.
Double tap for voice assistant.
Summon the AI voice assistant, find mobile phone, open navigation & take photos.
The stylish look blends perfectly with simple controls.
The slim and compact design of the headphone case goes well with the simplicity and functionality of their use. The charging case is made of high-strength material using injection molding, the material is durable and strong.
Enjoy the music.
The separate design of the headphones with TWS technology with no wires.
Auto Start.
Equipped with the latest technology that has changed the traditional  manual controls and eliminates the need for complex steps to pair the earbuds. Now the earphones turn on automatically when removed from their case. Simple and Easy.
Fast and stable
Headphones are based on the Bluetooth 5.0 standard (backwards compatible to  with Bluetooth 4.2 and earlier versions). The 5.0 standard has low power consumption, extended range and the ability to transmit large amounts of data, and can also prevent WiFi signal interference, protecting transmission stability. Stereo sound during a call, smart noise reduction, fast connection, auto pairing, clear sound, low power consumption, compatibility with basic equipment and applications.